14 November 2010

Reading list: Winners of Prix Femina Étranger

The Prix Femina is a French literary prize created in 1904 by 22 writers for the magazine La Vie heureuse (now known as Femina). The annual prize is decided by an exclusively female jury, although the authors of the winning works do not have to be women. The Prix Femina Étranger is the prize category awarded to foreign writers, starting from 1985. In the list of winning books below, some titles are in French or English.

Winners of the Prix Femina Étranger

2010 Puhdistus - Sofi Oksanen

2009 Maurice mit Huhn - Matthias Zschokke

2008 Chaos calme (Caos Calmo) - Sandro Veronesi

2007 Le goût de la mère (Mother's Milk) - Edward St. Aubyn

2006 L'Histoire de Chicago May (The Story of Chicago May) - Nuala O'Faolain

2005 The Falls - Joyce Carol Oates

2004 Sang impur (The Speckled People) - Hugo Hamilton

2003 La porte (The Door) - Magda Szabó

2002 Montedidio (God's Mountain) - Erri De Luca

2001 Mauvaise Pente (The Long Falling) - Keith Ridgway

2000 Mon Frère (My Brother) - Jamaica Kincaid

1999 Le Bouddha blanc (The White Buddha) - Hitonari Tsuji

1998 Pleine Lune (Plenilunio/Full Moon) - Antonio Muñoz Molina

1997 La Capitale déchue (The Abandoned Capital) - Jia Pingwa

1996 Demain dans la bataille, pense à moi (Tomorrow in the Battle Think on Me) - Javier Marías

1995 Rouge décanté (Sunken Red) - Jeroen Brouwers

1994 Royaume interdit (Sacred Country) - Rose Tremain

1993 L'Enfant volé (The Child in Time) - Ian McEwan

1992 Talking It Over - Julian Barnes

1991 Ce vaste monde (The Great World) - David Malouf

1990 Matin perdu - Vergilio Ferreira

1989 La Vérité sur Lorin Jones (The Truth About Lorin Jones) - Alison Lurie

1988 La Boîte noire (Black Box) - Amos Oz

1987 Mouflets (Monkeys) - Susan Minot

1986 Bethsabée (Bathsheba) - Torgny Lindgren

1985 Michael K, sa vie, son temps (Life & Times of Michael K) – J. M. Coetzee


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