26 November 2010

In Cebu

I was in Lahug, Cebu City, these past four days to attend a national workshop on coastal research and adaptive management for climate change. I was with two colleagues; each of us presented a paper. Mine was an ongoing study about a coral reef ecosystem-based model to estimate sustainable yields of live reef food fish.

At Mactan Airport before our flight back to Puerto Princesa, via a connection to Manila, I took some pictures of souvenir and delicacy shops. Guitars as colorful as jeepneys - each can cost up to 2,500 pesos inside the airport! Best to buy them in the city shops were they are cheaper. I bought half a kilo of dried ripe mangoes, of good quality and without the fluffy texture, the seller assured me. I also bought two kinds of local specialty biscuits: otap and piyaya. The seller was kind enough to tell me which brands to buy. The lechon (suckling pig) in one of the stalls was tempting too!


  1. Rise!! You were here in Cebu! I think i have that invitation on my table regarding Coastal research..oh! You should have texted me, or have you? i changed numbers in Nov 1 kasi...sayang!

  2. Yikes, I was! I assumed you'd be busy. It was my first time there. Great place. I went to FullyBooked Ayala (it's so small) and bought 1 book (by Pamuk). (: