01 June 2009

True review of a Carey book

A fairly adjectival novel that howls inside in stitches. Monologue extended and lucky it survived all 13 parts of limbs. A letter a memoir and postscript writing delivered them effing police doing the gunpointing. Shakespeare acting furious sounds of himself summonsing the wildlife of past colonial not yet over not even dead. Sworn affidavit & autobiography & adventure story & history & Ned Kelly. Many long yr. it were before another voice broke free truthful from the page and saddle up them as horses in a gallop. Broke free to run the whole mi. and mi. of distant warring range. Had he knew now he would of grinned how Cons Carey start printing abt. the whole business of posterity and got away it same with horse stealing O Jesus of the Christ he were a life now he were a substitute. His substitute spake and ghosting loud and clear as hail trashing about and kicking his grave boots v. heavy v. soiled and sinewy. It is him broke free alright may I hung tightly from the adjectival rope if I slander to lie neck and neck vs. the bushranger. His words are smoking like oyouknow. Dear reader he is as real flesh real bone & real marrow.

(This 'review' first posted in BookMooch)


  1. Have you read Carey's Illywhacker? I think it's one of his best, but underrated, works.

  2. I haven’t, Peter. Of the 3 books of his I’ve read, my favorite is The Tax Inspector.