08 June 2009

Saying good-bye to my Friendster blog

I had a Friendster blog, started sometime in 2006, which I was unable to sustain. I now transferred here my previous posts in there. I posted some 32 entries there, mostly poems. I decided to delete this blog as I want to put everything in one place. I was able to export all the posts (minus the comments, not that there were many) in here, except for the last post (c. 2008), using a great workaround solution. This solution involved the use of two software, java jre and blogsync. It's quite a slightly tricky procedure.... I planned to write a great deal of poetry and poetry translations in my Friendster blog but I lost the USB that contains all my poems. I digitally typed all my poems that were scribbled neatly in my school notebooks, threw the notebooks away, and put everything in the disk. Sadly the USB was lost in a multicab. I had a partial backup of some of the files on my laptop but my files there got corrupted. One can say I 'lost my poetry.' Literally.... What I wrote in my Friendster blog was juvenile compared to my lost poetry, yet I am retaining the contents here in my new blog in order to remind me of things I think about in 2006, 2007.... Well that's it. So long, previous blog.

(Edit: I decided to delete the poems here too.)

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