21 March 2010

Reading literature is a dangerous occupation

I'm trying to get back on track with the 2666 Group Read that is unfolding over at Las Obras de Roberto Bolaño. I've been avidly following along for the first several weeks but has unfortunately fallen by the wayside. I don't know. I got sidetracked when I started with "The Part About Fate." The L'Etranger-like beginning of that part got to me. Coming on the heels of the dissembling Amalfitano, I just find it so sad. I may already have withdrawal symptoms. I'm pretty sure I will not be picking this book up again (cover to cover) in the future.

I've read 2666 the past year and was just consumed by it. This time around, the same species of horror (hardly more understandable) creeps into the page and it's hard to look at its writhing form.

Let me just say kudos to the theme trackers of the group read. Their thematic explorations are a big help to the floundering reader. Their tenacious readings and courage allow one to form ideas and impressions on the book and on what Roberto may be up to. I find this whole group read experience a meaningful exercise. I'm not giving up. I'll pick "Fate" up again and get back to the main blog site and the discussions. I know I will trudge through again some of the evil deeds of the twentieth and the present centuries. I know that at the same time I will be treated with the consolation of the raw power of writing. Literature is a dangerous occupation, says Roberto. So is reading it, maybe.

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