02 March 2010

The last infrarrealista

While searching for "infrarrealismo" in Google, I happened upon a cool sketch of Roberto Bolaño in deviantart. I was looking for the text of his manifesto of the infrarealist poetry movement. Excerpts of the manifesto in English were quoted in many reviews of RB’s books. The only complete English translations that I found online were in two sites.


I liked the doble cara representation of Roberto as a mythological cult figure and as a serious writer. The decadent poet and the dying novelist, so to speak. I’ve adopted it as the group avatar for our Bolaño group in Shelfari.

As for the poetry movement that inspired vicerealism, I found it odd that the main page has gone extinct? Surely it was not just because the "last infrarrealista" no longer walked the jungles of this Earth?

In any case, I just relish Roberto's excerpted poem (in English translation by Erica Mena) in Words Without Borders. I'm just a bit disappointed that the whole poem was not posted online. I can't wait to read the entire sequence, and the entire "Three" collection.

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