26 March 2010

Marías Fever

One of the novels that divide my attention these days, mostly for group readings, is Fever and Spear, the first of three volumes of Your Face Tomorrow by the Spanish writer Javier Marías. I was only too happy to start this big read (1200 pages in all, though right now I own only the first 2 volumes). When The Conversational Reading announced a group read, I found the perfect excuse to finally embark on another Marían experience.

This will be my fourth book of Marías, after All Souls and its "false sequel" Dark Back of Time and the charming biographies in Written Lives. I was happy to learn that the first two books were "prequels" to Your Face Tomorrow. That will give me enough context to the reading of this tome. A friend said that another book, A Heart So White, contains a subtle thread of connection to these books. These novels then can be said to form a tetralogy (let's provisionally call this Deza Tetralogy, after the protagonist).

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