03 July 2010

The winning case of the random number

Thanks to all who joined my first book giveaway. All of you, who can be counted in the toes of the happy feet of a penguin. The random number generating machine I used almost bogged down. The algorithm went berserk. I had to use an alternative power source to crank up the calculus. The software was out of its AI wits deciding the big win. :)

I used MS Excel™ to choose the winner. I assigned a number to each entry and calculated the lucky number using the magic formula: =RANDBETWEEN(1,x) ; where x is the last number, in this case 4.

Congrats to JM of QC for winning. Kanpai! Watch out for my second book giveaway, sometime next week. Maybe something by a French or a Japanese novelist.

(Image: Wikipedia)


  1. Wow, I won! This came as a nice surprise while I'm blog-surfing through my usual book-blog haunts.

    Thank Rise


  2. I was surprise to receive a book delivery today!!! I won!!! Thanks Rise, this one is a cool chunk-ster. I'm starting to love book-blog surfing. Salamat.