13 July 2010


"Nineteen sixty-nine was the year student uprisings shut down Tokyo University. The Beatles put out The White Album, Yellow Submarine, and Abbey Road, the Rolling Stones released their greatest single, "Honky Tonk Women," and people known as hippies wore their hair long and called for love and peace. In Paris, De Gaulle resigned. The war in Vietnam continued. High school girls used sanitary napkins, not tampons."

So begins Murakami Ryū's novel Sixty-Nine, an anthem for revolution and youth. It's the book I'm giving away this month. Please note that this giveaway is open only to readers in the Philippines.

The book is not brand-new but in quite good condition. It's in trade paperback edition, with dust jacket. It's translated by Ralph F. McCarthy and published by Kodansha International. 

The rules can't be simpler. Just drop me an email. Subject: "Seize the Year". Include your full name and your full mailing address (within the Philippines only) with the email. One address per reader, one reader per address. A winner will be chosen from the entries using a random number generator.

The deadline is midnight of July 31, local time. I'll update this post and announce the winner here.

Good Luck!

UPDATE (August 2): Congratulations to the winner, Karlo of (Mis)readings.


  1. I want that cover. I mean, book.

  2. Yeah. The cover is hot. Hot pink. One would think it scented. :)

    Your entry is acknowledged, Aldrin. Thanks.

  3. I wonder if it would be economically a good deal to swap books by mail?

  4. I think so, mel. If you’re sending books within the country, the courier fees are quite affordable. BookMooch is also a good option.