12 December 2009

“The Dinosaur” (Augusto Monterroso)

Note to the reader: The following review may contain spoilers. Please read no further if you have not read the story yet.

Sleeping giant: review of “The Dinosaur,” a short story by Guatemalan writer Augusto Monterroso

Yesterday I read (for the second time) in one sitting Augusto Monterroso’s story called “The Dinosaur.” I re-read it many times, fourteen times maybe, I lost count. I tried to analyze the story in terms of prehistoric literary theories: stunted evolution, creationist realism, posthumous savagery. It was a radical novel. Anyway, after I wrote a first draft of my review, I checked my email, and then I slept afterward. It was not a peaceful sleep. I was trashing left and right on my bed. I dreamt of a Uranusaurus rex just like the one in Stephen Szpilman Bergman’s movie Triassic Park, based on a TV show created by Michael Flintstonnes (pronounced flight-stuns).

When I woke up, I read again my review. I worked on it some more, polishing the paleontological arguments. After some not-so-extensive revisions, I saved the file. I looked behind me and jumped. The U. rex was still there.


  1. Sometimes all the theories in the world, don't make a goddam difference, when the fright hits.

  2. So true. Right now I'm still looking behind me. :p