21 June 2010

GIVEAWAY: The Dictionary of Imaginary Places

Open only to readers with address in the Philippines.

This will be my first book giveaway to celebrate... To celebrate space. I’m trying to mitigate the perpetual chaos residing in my room. My room is spilling out boxes of books – I don’t have a shelf – and so, starting now, I might have a monthly book giveaway to recover some space.

The book:

The book is The Dictionary of Imaginary Places by Alberto Manguel and Gianni Guadalupi, "newly updated and expanded" 1999 edition. It's got 756 pages. I can't find the ISBN in the book but the cover is similar to what's pictured below.

It’s in hardcover, very good condition, though there’s a tear in the front bottom right edge of the dust jacket. There’s a tag price at the back, and there are some wearing in the edges of dust jacket but they were minimal. It’s pretty solid.

It's illustrated by Graham Greenfield, with additional illustrations by Eric Beddows, and maps and charts by James Cook. Published by Knopf Canada.

Blurb from the back cover: "For the intrepid literary traveler, an invaluable guidebook to more than twelve-hundred places-that-never-were"


Just drop me an email, with the subject "A DICTIONARY ENTRY" (case sensitive). Include your full address with the email. Only readers with Philippine address can join. One address per reader, one reader per address. The winner will be randomly chosen from the entries.

This contest ends on July 2, eight in the evening, local time.

Thank you and happy reading to all.

EDIT (July 3): Congratulations to JM for the win.

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