07 November 2009

Cross-posting with Multiply

This blog is now directly linked to my Multiply account. The linkage enables me to post simultaneously in Blogger and in Multiply. Neat. I was able to import in Multiply all my previous posts here. The comments to the posts however were not preserved.

Actually this is a test. Right now I'm typing this in Blogger. The moment I click "Publish Post" is the moment it will be cross-posted in Multiply? The only way to know is to check if the teleportation will indeed take place. How long before the radioactive material decay and trigger the release of poison gas? Now, should I write in Multiply too and check if the whole thing appears here?

Is that Shrödinger's cat meowing?

UPDATE: It's not working so far. I'll open the box again later.

2nd UPDATE: It worked!

3rd UPDATE: However it appears that whatever I edit here will not be reflected there. So much for astral projection.

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